Why it’s special

Cwmllwydrew Meadows is a Local Nature Reserve. It is designated because wet meadows like these are rapidly disappearing. The sheep and cattle from our farm graze the meadows as part of the traditional management that helps the wildflowers to flourish.

Cwmllydrew Meadows at Parc Cwm Darran

What’s there

Located at the northern end of Parc Cwm Darran, Cwmllwydrew Meadows consists of two hay meadows, an ant meadow, two ponds and a small alder woodland. The Ant Meadow is home to over 300 yellow meadow anthills providing a ready meal for green woodpeckers. Both the common blue and the small pearl bordered butterfly can be seen from early summer.

In the Fen and Pond Meadows marsh marigolds bloom in the spring with common spotted orchids and devil's-bit scabious abounding in the summer. Grass snakes, toads and newts live around the ponds. If you are lucky you may see a barn owl hunting in the evening for voles and mice. Pied flycatchers nest in the woodland.

Planning your visit

Where it is   Cwmllwydrew Meadows is part of Parc Cwm Darran.

Grid Reference   SO 112036

How to get there   Details for how to get there can be found on the main Parc Cwm Darran page.

Contact Information

The Visitor Centre, Parc Cwm Darran, Deri, Bargoed, CF81 9NR

Tel: 01443 875557


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