17 Jan 2020

Visitors to Parc Penallta warned about bacteria in pond

Visitors to Parc Penallta are being asked to avoid contact with water in the vicinity of the boardwalk pond following a bacterial outbreak which has affected water quality in the pond. Natural Resources Wales have carried out tests and confirmed that Purple Sulphur Bacteria is the cause of the contamination but have advised that there is no significant threat to wildlife or the surrounding river systems.

At present, we do not anticipate any risk to human health, but as a precaution please keep all people and pets away from the pond and follow any advice on warning signs in the area.

Purple Sulphur Bacteria is a naturally occurring bacteria that multiplies in low oxygen environments. It feeds on nutrients within the sediment and gives off Sulphur as a waste product which can be seen as a white deposit around the pond and has an unpleasant ‘eggy’ smell. We are currently seeking advice on how to bring the out break under control and restore the water quality.

For further information please call the Countryside Service on 01443 816853 or email countryside@caerphilly.go.uk