Why it's special

The meadows were once part of Penllwyn Farm. Its remnants, including the laid hedges, wildflower and wet meadows, now form an important wildlife habitat within a large urban area. The meadows are also designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the wide range of hay meadow plants that are present.

Memorial Park Meadows

What's there

The Memorial Park meadows consists of four hay meadows and a large pond. The area is managed to maintain the diversity of wildflowers, which include lady's mantle, bistort and greater burnet. Flocks of small birds feed in the meadows all year round; chaffinch, goldfinch, and long-tailed tits are common here. Brambling, redwing and fieldfare are frequent visitors to the meadows in the winter.

The pond is an important breeding site for frogs, toads and newts. Watch out for the summertime aerial displays put on by the dragonflies. See if you can spot the resident terrapin, an unwelcome guest acquired some years ago!

Planning your visit

Where is it   The Memorial Park Meadows are part of Sir Harold Finch Park.

Grid Reference   ST 177963

How to get there   Details for how to get there can be found on the Sir Harold Finch Park page.

Contact Information

Parks Services, Bargoed House, 1 St Gwladys Way, Bargoed, CF81 8AB

Tel: 01443 811452 


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