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Blue-green algae confirmed at Pen y Fan Pond

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Environmental Health team is issuing some general advice to residents, following confirmation of potentially harmful blue-green algae in Pen y Fan Pond.

The algae produces toxins which can be harmful to both humans and animals. Residents are advised to ensure pets, particularly dogs, do not enter the water of the Pond – should pets come in contact with the water, owners are advised to thoroughly wash the animal with clean water and seek precautionary advice from a qualified vet.

In humans, the toxins can cause rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed.

More information about the blue-green algae can be found on the Natural Resources Wales website.

Cllr Nigel George, Cabinet Member for Environment and Neighbourhood Services said, “This advice certainly isn’t intended to cause undue concern and worry however it is important that no recreational activities, including fishing or public access takes place and that residents and visitors are aware that animals should not be allowed to enter the water of Pen y Fan Pond.

Signage has been placed around the Pond and regular inspections of the body of water will continue to take place, we will continue to work alongside Natural Resources Wales to address this issue”.

Residents with any concerns regarding this issue can contact Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Environmental Health team on 01443 811 355.