Stack of felled timber

Homes under the hammer

Have you noticed the birds are singing again? Spring is happening and right now, our birds are looking for suitable places to nest. Most of our country park trees are quite young with very few nest holes. So as it is National Nestbox Week, CCBC Countryside Service will be showing how they’ve been helping provide new nests sites and with the help of local school children.

Last year, CCBC Countryside successfully bid for ‘Local Nature Partnership Project Funding’. This money meant that 60 specialised nest boxes could be purchased and are now being put up around the county borough. The boxes are made from high quality materials, providing permanent, safe nest sites for a variety of birds, bats and even bees.

Just before lockdown Heolddu Eco Group built nest boxes for Swifts. Swifts are birds that live in Africa during the winter and come to Wales during summer to breed. Sadly, swift numbers have collapsed by 50% in the last 25 years. To try and help the Eco Groups specially designed nest boxes have been put on the school building.

Also, look out for our step-by-step video guide showing how you too can easily make a nest box for your home.