Stack of felled timber

Larch Felling in the Sirhowy Valley

The planned felling of larch infected with Phytopthera ramorum, which is more commonly known as larch disease, has started in the Sirhowy Valley. This work is being carried out by contractors on behalf of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on both sides of the valley and should be completed by December 2020. Further details of the works can be found on the National Resources Wales website including a location map.

There is approximately 30 hectares of diseased larch trees on the Sirhowy Valley Country Park side of the valley which is scheduled to be removed over the coming months. Whilst none of the infected larch is on Caerphilly CBC land, it is inevitable that the works will have an impact on users of the park once the park reopens. As the contractors clear the trees close to the boundary between NRW and Caerphilly CBC land they need to impose a two-tree length exclusion zone around any trees being felled. Due to the proximity of the boundary to the car park access road and cycle route this exclusion zone will operate on a rolling basis between Full Moon and Nine Mile Point when the current Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Please follow all signs and instructions given for your own safety.

Please remember that the country park is currently closed to all visitors following Caerphilly CBC’s decision to close all enclosed children’s play areas, MUGAs, skate parks, municipal and country parks in accordance with section 9 of the PUBLIC HEALTH, WALES, The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

Further information about the works as they affect the country park will be posted here.