Stack of felled timber

The Secret Art Gallery

There’s a huge, hidden art gallery waiting to be discovered in Caerphilly county borough. Over the years artists have been adding a mixture of different art works to it and only the very determined or the “chancers” will come across them all. A new short film “The Secret Art Gallery” will help you begin to discover some of them… sit back and explore them through this link!

“The Secret Art Gallery” was put together by CCBC Countryside Service and Head4Arts as part of the recent “Virtual Cwtsh – Creative Wellbeing Festival”. The festival featured a 3-day programme of exciting online creative activities aimed at helping support people’s wellbeing and to mark World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2020. Virtual Cwtsh was organised by the Integrated Wellbeing Networks Gwent and involved several arts organisations and artists.

If you want to see more of our borough’s public artworks then visit our Flickr page.

For more creative inspiration visit the Head4Arts website.